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At Safari Mission a nonprofit in Tulsa OK we train leaders and transform lives in East Africa. We believe that as a nonprofit in Tulsa OK that if you train leaders you will transform people because the leader will affect everyone that they know.

Other nonprofit organizations in Tulsa OK do try to alleviate issues within communities but at Safari Mission a nonprofit in Tulsa OK we have seen the difference between simply alleviating poverty and training people to rise up out of poverty. Another nonprofit in Tulsa OK may support an orphanage for children or open an orphanage for children. We don’t open the orphanage. We train those who do.

Our nonprofit in Tulsa OK is based on the fact that a person’s decisions are based on how they are trained to make decisions. If a nonprofit in Tulsa OK or anywhere else in the world does not address the fundamental issues that will determine a person’s decisions, then the relief is temporary. You will have an orphanage for children, which is great, but you may not train those orphan children in the orphanage on making good decisions in relationships, on honoring God in their future marriages, and so you may end up with more orphan children to fill your orphanage when they leave.

We don’t make light of any other nonprofit in Tulsa OK or the work they are doing, we simply see the need for a difference in the type of help that we give people. Safari Mission is a nonprofit in Tulsa OK that wants permanent solutions to poverty that do not require foreign aid, but rather relies on the industry of the citizens themselves. So, an orphanage for children is good, but someone trained in the word of God that can help strengthen families and lessen amount of orphans or children without parents and therefore the need for an orphanage for children in an area—that’s better.

As a nonprofit in Tulsa OK we aspire to create change in a community not by our culture or by our way of doing things but by the word of God and the standard set forth there for change. Safari Mission, a nonprofit in Tulsa OK, will go into East Africa and teach communities how to improve, for the adults and for their children. Our students will open schools and build orphanages for children and work in hospitals and banks and make a difference in those areas. They will go home to their families, their spouses and children, and treat them like the word of God says to treat them.

When the students in the schools sponsored from our nonprofit mission in Tulsa OK go to their homes, they are sharing what they have learned with their spouses and children. Several students have shared the difference that it has made in the lives of their children. Some students have already opened a school or an orphanage. When they open these establishments, they can transmit the training that they received from us and give it to the orphans or their own children.

Safari Mission a nonprofit in Tulsa OK is deeply concerned with the future of East Africa because we believe that there can be a difference there if the people are taught to do something different with their decisions. It is well known that there are thousands of orphans and orphanages in Africa, and many people’s heart goes out to these children. There are more than poor orphans and children, there are poor adults and elderly as well. The poverty in East Africa can be alleviated if foreign aid shifts its focus from building orphanages to instead building the people. A nonprofit in Tulsa OK or wherever the nonprofit may be based from will make the kind of change that they really want to see if they invest in people rather than if they give handouts to people or orphans.

The saying that advises us to teach a man to fish is something we believe at Safari Mission, a nonprofit in Tulsa OK. We believe that teaching a man to fish–or, as we would say, teaching a man to walk in the knowledge of God, to invest in personal development, and to know the Holy Spirit—will cause permanent change in the life of an elderly person or an adult or an orphan in an orphanage. The Word of God will change the life of anybody who believes it.

A Nonprofit in Tulsa OK, Safari Mission is dedicated to this kind of change. We will not teach our students to rely on handouts. They will not teach others to rely on handouts. Handouts create dependency and the belief in the recipient that he or she is not capable of making it on his or her own. That is true whether you are giving handouts to an orphan or an adult or an elderly person.

(Note, that is not to say that we do not believe in emergency relief. Emergency or disaster relief is a helpful and necessary means of global citizens helping each other out, and should be encouraged. Rather, what we as a nonprofit in Tulsa OK believe is that handouts as a method of aid to struggling societies is harmful, and should therefore be avoided.)

Our nonprofit in Tulsa has seen the difference between areas where a nonprofit has existed for over 100 years and yet the people are still in poverty versus our schools that have been in place for less than ten years, and entire communities have come out of poverty. The difference is clear. We don’t have orphanages and schools and other such things, we teach the people who do go and create those things, who will spread their knowledge to others.

Really at our nonprofit in Tulsa what we do is not just teaching a man to fish, we’re teaching the chief. We are teaching leaders to fish. The difference between a nonprofit teaching a man to fish and teaching a leader to fish, whether he is in Africa or Tulsa or wherever, is that if you teach a man to fish, you have fed a man. If you teach a chief to fish, you have taught the entire village.

That is the difference that Safari Mission is known for. We are known for training leaders who will go and do business or open an orphanage or work in a bank with the integrity of the word and make a difference in their locality. Safari Mission, a nonprofit in Tulsa OK, believes in this kind of nonprofit work, in this kind of difference.

As a nonprofit in Tulsa OK we believe in change. We believe in lasting change. We believe in creating a real, tangible difference in the lives of the people we encounter. If we as a nonprofit mission in OK are not making change that will last beyond our lifetimes, then we are not doing our job.

Our job, as we see it at Safari Mission, a nonprofit in Tulsa OK, is to change the world for the better. The difference is, as we have said, how we would like to make that difference. Another nonprofit in Tulsa OK may not operate under the same beliefs that we do when it comes to the best method of nonprofit work, but that does not change our results. Our nonprofit in Tulsa OK has seen drastic changes in the lives of the students that we teach and in the lives of their family members.

For example, one student that graduated because of our nonprofit in Tulsa, OK is a pastor of a church. His church was so poor they couldn’t even afford to give in the offering. At this point in time, since they have been trained by the schools that our nonprofit in Tulsa OK has established, his church has not only begun tithing, but they actually have paid for the church building themselves. This change did not take our nonprofit in Tulsa OK decades to make. This change happened within a few years, all because of the kind of work that our nonprofit in Tulsa OK does.

Safari Mission, our nonprofit in Tulsa OK, would love to be able to make an even greater difference in East Africa, from our students in class to orphans in orphanages and everywhere else. But it starts with the training that we give our students in the classroom. Our nonprofit in Tulsa OK is dedicated to teaching our students how to make a difference in their own lives.

Our students in our schools that are established thanks to Safari Mission, a nonprofit in Tulsa OK are very excited about the changes that our classes make in their lives. They tell us all the time about how great it is. One of the students told the directors of our nonprofit in Tulsa, OK that he had been a pastor for 17 years with no formal training, and had longed for it all his life.

Seventeen years is a long time to go without training. At Safari Mission, a nonprofit in Tulsa, we believe that seventeen years after receiving the kind of training we specialize in, this pastor will have trained many other future leaders to go out and be the kind of quality leader that he has been trained to be. Even if he trains only one a year, and those trained pastors go out and start just one church, each with about 100 people, that’s 1700 lives changed. Now imagine if those seventeen train others. The effect our nonprofit in Tulsa OK can have is explosive!

That is what our nonprofit in Tulsa OK strives to do. We strive to train leaders who won’t keep the knowledge to themselves, but to train leaders who will give of what they’ve received from us.