Proud Partners

At Safari Mission our mission is to share the gospel and to train leaders around the world to develop their societies and communities to be self-sustaining and Christ-focused. However, this would not be possible without the generous donations of the following great organizations and companies:

Shaw Homes

RC Automotive Specialists

The Garage

My First Choice Custom Homes, MO

Flow Real Estate Photography, OK

ModScenes, OK


Daniels Construction

Harvest Church, TX

Mark Hankins Ministries, LA

Anchor Faith Church, FL

David Momquist

Anchor Faith Church, GA

Redeeming Love Christian Center

Clarko Inc, IN

Craig McKown

Destiny Church, NC

Faith Life Family Church, GA

Faith Life Family Church, Omaha

Cornerstone Word of Life Church, AL

Glassworks, OK

Covenant Life Church, AZ

Trailhead Church, NC

Roofnerds, OK

Light the Bay Church, CA

SprinkGuard Inc, IN

Rhema Bible Church, OK

World Outreach Church, IA

The Life Church, CA

Inspire the Church, AZ

United Faith Church