About Us

Creating Lasting Change in Kenya!

IMG 0112Change begins with developing leaders. Lasting change in Kenya comes when Kenyan leaders are empowered to change their own communities. Africans supporting Africans is at the heart of Safari Mission, and that is the reputation it has built within the communities.

As a mission organization, our focus is to train leaders and transform people in East Africa through the teaching of God’s Word, leadership skills, and practical subjects. We currently have multiple Bible schools across Kenya and our students are a mix of church leaders, doctors, government officials, teachers, and businessmen. Our school places a strong emphasis on ethics, leadership development, and a balanced teaching of Biblical subjects. In addition, we also host a yearly East Africa Conference, annual minister’s retreat, and we operate a Christian book distribution center that seeks to get quality Christian books on the East African market – both wholesale and retail.

Whether it is through Bible school, conference, retreat, or books, our main goal is to empower people in East Africa to reach their own people and build their own communities. That is why we place such a strong emphasis on teaching – because it changes a life, family, and community forever!

Investing into communities is what we do. Investing in leaders is how we do it.