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Through the graduates of our many schools, communities have been affected in a positive way. Our graduates have gone out to start orphanages, educational centers, churches, businesses, prison ministries, and other community projects. Several of the pastors we have trained have taught their congregation how to steward their money, work ethics, family relationships, etc. One of our pastors are overseeing over 100 churches today, another graduate ministers to over 5000 children every week, a third minister has started over 40 Bible schools within the Kenyan prison system. By training one leader, we are reaching entire communities and building the foundation for the East African society.

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By training leaders we build Africa!

Quotes from our graduates:

“This thing [Bible school] is not only changing us, but affecting entire communities.”

Pastor Geoffrey, Mwingi

“Even the community is commenting that my church members are living different and better lives.”

Pastor Maithia, Mwingi

“There was a day I was looking for [people] who could help me. Now I am able to support my own family.”

Pastor Mogere, Keroka

“Rhema pastors are highly regarded in the community, and even government leaders listen to them. Rhema graduates don’t just affect the church, they affect the community and government offices. Even government officers look unto us for people to work together with.”

Pastor Meni, Mombasa

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