The Safari Mission Difference

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Building Africa for as little as $5 per month.

At Safari Mission, we train leaders and transform people in East Africa. It is the marvelous story that has been unfolding since 2006. In order to make a lasting impact, we build with excellence, using a method that is proven to be effective. Some of the key ingredients of this method include:

A Long Term Strategy that Produces Effective Results

At, Safari, we focus on giving people the knowledge and the tools they need to build their own lives and the community around them. These are long term methods that solve the real problem. Instead of offering quick band-aid fixes that help immediate needs in the short term and create long term dependency problems.

We give people what they need to succeed in life.

This is the modern version of teaching people to fish instead of giving them fish. We do this in a way that does not create dependency on us.

Many other organizations will hand out supplies and aid that people need for their immediate sustenance, without thinking about teaching them the tools they need to provide for themselves.

Safari Mission works on long-term strategies instead of quick band-aid fixes. We work on fixing the real problem.

For example, we help children by teaching and empowering the parents to live better lives. When parents become producers, they will then easily be able to take care of their kids. Results are that children then start going to school, have better clothes, and the need for orphanages diminishes. If we can get their parents out of poverty, they can send their kids to school because they can pay the school fees, feed them, clothe them and so on. We help by giving people and hand up instead of a hand out.

The result is countless testimonies of lives that are forever changed. People report that their marriages and families are changed. Pastors report that churches have changed and that communities are impacted and improve.

With a strong method fixing the real problems, we are able to see lots of results and maximum impact on the dollars spent.

Many other organizations do a good job of taking moving pictures of children from the area they work in. They may be good at showing need, but often they are not very effective of actually helping those that have the needs.

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Local Empowerment

What good is missions work if locals are not entrusted with responsibilities and trained to lead their communities?

We empower people in East Africa by involving natives in management and leadership.

Others bring in large teams of missionaries that run all aspects of the organization. Often, they will only engage locals in smaller jobs and further create dependency by not delegating and training leaders.

At, Safari, almost all the work is done by Kenyans. We empower the people of East Africa. Our finance officers, school administrators and managers are Africans, and we have a team of 25 Kenyan instructors that teach and train leaders.

Instead of hiring leaders from developed countries, we develop leaders and involve them in key positions.

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Financial Efficiency and Transparency

We emphasize effective and results-oriented use of funds, strong accountability systems, and all our financials are published online for transparency and inspection.

Many others will waste large amounts on administrative overhead and big executive salaries, then not allow donors to see how the funds are spent.

At Safari Mission, we have lots of results on a small budget. It costs us only about $2 for each person we reach with a long term impact (Here is the math: We train 200 leaders per year with $200,000 in donations. That is $1,000 for each leader we train. Some of those we train reach 50, others reach 10,000 with long term sustainable impact. Those we train have long term impact on an average of at least 500 people. This means $1,000 has long term impact on 500 people. That is only $2 for each person impacted for the long haul.)

The testimonies and stories from transformed people are many and varied. Marriages are mended, family life is transformed, churches start growing in number, influence and their members start living better lives. Others comments that entire communities are changed. Yet other share with us how they got to know Christ through Safar Mission, how they were healed in the bodies, how they learned how to get out of poverty and become producers.

To see more on finances, check out our blog to see monthly results, or read more on our Financial Page.

Excellent Reporting

We have multiple channels to report back to use the results of your donations. Donors, churches and businesses that support us consistently comment that they enjoy getting updates on what their gifts are accomplishing. We want you to be inspired and encouraged, knowing that your investment in East Africa is bearing real fruit. With many others, you seldom hear reports or get to know the real results of what was accomplished.

Whether you prefer to see social media updates, receive email reports, read blog posts or get paper newsletters in the mail, we have you covered. We communicate on all these channels, so that you can get the good news in the medium that you most prefer.

Many others will only communicate on one channel, making it difficult for you to know what is happening if you aren’t on the same channel.

At, it is important that you understand and get the sense that your donations are accomplishing something meaningful.

Gospel Based Missions

The gospel of Christ is the power of God for salvation and transformation. This is the core message that drives the development of communities.

Many others focus so hard on the humanitarian needs, that the eternal spiritual issues take a back seat.

In many areas, the humanitarian needs are so great, that many forget the importance of sharing Christ with people. A genuine heart change is the most effective way to get people out of poverty, selfishness, greed, corruption, lying and stealing. And the message of Christ is the most effective way to have such heart changes.

Without proper work ethics and morals among the general population, humanitarian problems will flourish. When the message of the gospel is properly taught and preached, the root of these problems is dealt with. This has both tremendous effects on this present life and gives us great expectation for the life that is to come.

Some will shy away from this message, but at Safari Mission, it is the core of everything we do.

Help build Africa for as little as $5 per month.