Faith For Assignments

Embrace Your Calling, Impact The World

Launches June 1 2024


Are you prepared to embrace your calling and make a lasting mark on the world? Faith for Assignments guides you to unlock the potential within, turning the seemingly impossible into tangible outcomes, not just for personal growth but to create a lasting impact on the world. 

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Faith for Assignments will take the reader on a journey, first explaining general faith in God and trusting Him for salvation as well as our needs, but then focus on using our faith in God to believe for His intervention and accomplishing God’s plan for our lives and and our role in making an impact on the world. The book is a biblical treatise that shows how all the major characters in the Bible trusted God in this way, and that every individual should be seeing similar results in their lives today.


From the Back Cover of Faith for Assignments

Discover how to channel your faith into powerful, purpose-driven actions as Rev. Ligard unveils the dynamic journeys of biblical heroes like Noah, Abraham, and David. These stories are more than ancient history; they are blueprints for living out a faith that moves mountains and leaves a legacy. This book is an invitation to embrace your divine assignment, equipped with the courage and clarity to make a difference. Get ready to take the leap and live out your God-given assignment.


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The Author

Since 1999, Vidar Ligard has been a catalyst for change in East Africa, dedicating his life to nurturing leadership and personal growth. His practical, Bible-based teachings have empowered countless individuals to emerge as influential leaders, fostering community development and inspiring action. 

Through his work with Bible schools and seminars, Vidar has been instrumental in guiding people to overcome poverty, expand churches, establish successful enterprises, combat corruption, and mold leaders who positively affect thousands daily. 

Alongside his wife, Cathrine, Vidar founded Safari Mission, an organization committed to social and spiritual advancement. He is based in Nairobi, where he and Cathrine raise their four daughters and continue to contribute to the flourishing of their community.


What Others Say About the Content

“One day, we will stand before God’s judgment seat and give an account of our lives and ministries. This book is one of the precious witnesses our Father God has prepared to help us get ready for that encounter.” 
– Rev. Tokunbo Adejuwon, Director of Rhema Nigeria

“God has an assignment for you and He needs you to fulfill it.  In this powerful book, Vidar gives you scriptural and yet practical keys to overcome normal, fulfill all God has called you to and advance into a life of greater works.”

-Rev. Chad Gonzales, President of Chad Gonzales Ministries and founder of The Healing Academy

“This is not an ordinary book. Faith for Assignments will build your faith and give you the passion to step out into your God given assignment.”
-Rev. William Meni, Lead of Missions for Safari Mission to the DRC



Chapter 1 Levels of Faith
Chapter 2 Join the Heroes
Chapter 3 The Lost Story of Terah
Chapter 4 Modern Day Faith Assignments
Chapter 5 No Shrinking Back


There is more to faith than just believing God exists, and there is more to the Christian life than just living an overall healthy and good life, providing for our families. There is actually a lot more!

When God called us, He not only gave us Christ as a sacrifice for our sins, but with Him, He gave us all things that pertain to life and godliness. Then He called us to go into all the world and proclaim the good news of what Christ has done for humanity. We should be living in such a way that we leave a remarkable impact on those around us.

Over the years, I have observed so many believers who start out well, but all too often get stuck somewhere along the way, settle down, and accept less than what God has for them. Not only have I seen the frustration that goes along with settling down, but there are also the ramifications of lost opportunities and all the lives that could have and should have been impacted for the better.

Through these pages, it is my desire that you find a new passion and desire to go further than you ever thought possible.

The lives of others depend on YOU!

God bless You!

– Vidar

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Some Quotes From Faith for Assignments

“How we live our lives determines how the rest of the book of Acts gets written.”
“I’ve never been anywhere where the presence of God isn’t because I always bring His presence with me.”
“Faith is not about copying actions. Faith is about knowing God so well that your actions come out of personal conviction.”
“Too many have missed God by looking to others, seeing what they are doing, and just copying them.”


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Book Details:

ISBN: 978-1-7348655-4-7
Format: 8.25” x 5.5” Paperback
Pages: 70
Library of Congress Control Number: 2024934895