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At Safari Mission, a non profit mission organization in Tulsa, we believe in empowerment and growth in ministry and leadership. We are on a mission to see faith-based faith training in Africa and around the world. Our ministry at Safari Mission, a non-profit charity mission organization in Tulsa, is to see lives change by the power of God’s Word.
At Safari Mission, a non profit mission organization in Tulsa, we believe you need a vision as the first step toward a successful life in ministry and at work, whether that’s in world missions or as a pastor, a minister of helps, a business owner or as an office employee. Whether you’re a part of the Rhema family or if you’re just on a mission for Jesus, you will need a vision.

Why is that? Because the Bible says, without a vision, people perish. We have faith in that statement. If you have no goal or aim that you are reaching for, it is hard to be a success, even if you have all of the faith in the world. In fact, faith has a goal. Faith has a vision. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and you have to have something specific in mind in order to hope for it.

At our non profit mission organization in Tulsa, Safari Mission, our vision is to train leaders and transform lives in Kenya, all of East Africa, and around the world. That is why our nonprofit mission organization in Tulsa exists.

To have a good vision as something to put your faith towards, you must first think of your job or where you volunteer and think of it as if you were in leadership. Think of what your mission would be to improve the ministry. If funds were not an issue, what would you do? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you make a list of 25 things. Our mission statement is listed above. What is your mission statement?

To create the mission statement or vision, you must dream a little first, with the Holy Spirit helping you. What if there were no time constraints and there were no lack of resources and people to get something done? What would our dreams look like? That’s how you start dreaming. You look beyond what is and think about what could be. In Kenya, we are dreaming of growth in the leaders. We dream of empowering people to live life to the fullest in Christ. We are missionaries with a non profit mission organization that want others to succeed on their own faith in God and their own self-discipline and internal leadership. Our non-profit charity mission organization does the kind of training that will make this a reality.

Now take your dream, take your mission, and pick the top three things that will help your vision come to pass. Take the top three things that are the best methods to help your area grow. Circle those. The rest of the list becomes your “avoid at all costs” lists. This is training from Warren Buffet. He is a leader in business and at Safari Mission, a world missions organization for no profit, we have used his method to help train leaders and transform people in East Africa. This is the way to get specific with your goal, your leadership, and your training.

Then, ask yourself, “what have I been doing the last few weeks about what the three most important things in church that are under my area of influence?”.

If we’re not doing anything about those things, then we’ll be sitting here in a year, doing the exact same things that we have always done, with the exact same results. If we keep doing the same thing we’re doing right now, then we’re going to be in the exact same place this time next year and even in ten years. The only way for us to make progress is for us to do something different from what we’re doing right now.

For example, say you have a dream or a mission to win in the Olympics. Well that’s great. But it’s unspecific. It’s not a goal that is attainable because it’s not specific enough. Are you going to win that in the long jump or is going to be the 30-kilometer ski? Those are completely different paths you’re going to end up taking.

For another example, a lot of people have a dream that they want to start a business. That’s great. But when you don’t have specific goal, it’s just a dream in the clouds up there somewhere. You’ve got to put specifics on it to the point that you’re no longer calling it a dream, but you’re calling it a vision. You have to move from the area of dreaming to the area of a vision.

Okay, maybe you want to be the best church, or have the best children’s department, or the best missionaries at either local or world missions. That’s a wonderful dream. But what does that really look like?

You’ve got to put some specifics on that because it’s too immeasurable. You have to take that dream and you’ve got to define it to the point that it becomes measurable. It must become your mission to get a clear, measurable goal. When your dream is measurable, you know what it looks like when you get back from going to get it. This is good leadership and personal development. These are the things we teach in Kenya and East Africa as part of Safari Mission, a non profit mission organization in Tulsa.

At this point, you can call it a vision. So, if you say, I want an Olympic gold medal in 30-kilometer Nordic skiing, now you’re being specific. Until you get that specific, you don’t know what path in life do you have to take in order to get there.

Or maybe you said your mission or your vision was, “I want to start a business”. Well that’s great. Do you want a mom and pop shop where you’ve got one employee on a good day? Is that your goal? Is that your vision? And if it is, that’s fine. Or maybe you say no, I want to start a business, but I want to be an owner and being able to take the backseat, and I want 30 employees.

That’s a completely different vision and mission altogether. Are you going to be in the service industry? Are you going to be in ministry? Are you going to be a missionary and do world missions? Are you going to make a product in industry? These are completely different paths. Take your idea or dream and define it until it becomes a vision.

So then, what exactly is a vision? You could say it like this. It is a specific dream that has become your mission to accomplish. If you want to win the gold medal in 30-kilometer Nordic skiing, that’s great, but you must write your vision in such a way that it includes the plan that will get you there in order to accomplish it.

So now you make your plan. At Safari Mission, a nonprofit mission organization, our plan is to train leaders and transform people in Kenya and East Africa through our nonprofit mission organization. As missionaries, we train leaders and educate leaders in a method that empowers the locals to grow in leadership capabilities. Our mission is that the leaders will be spirit-filled, Holy Spirit inspired, practically trained ministers that will do all of the work to improve their native country. Whether they live in Kenya or another part of East Africa, or anywhere in the world, that is our mission. These ministers will open orphanages for children, become ministers, become missionaries themselves, and have an improved life because of our training. Our plan is to do this through teaching classes that are full of the Word with the ministry of the Holy Spirit, growing ministers in leadership skills and in faith.

What’s yours?